Seat lessons

A lot of riders are feeling a bit labeled down when put on the longe to improve their seat however I feel the opposite.

I am very grateful when being longed because I can fully concentrate on my myself, starting with my breathing, coordinating all my body parts, letting the feelings, thoughts and pictures sink deep down inside to create better awareness.

I think it is a great opportunity to be longed receiving seat lessons focusing only on yourself as my long-term Mastery student Annette did. It was lovely to see the reaction of Misfit when she found her ‘home seat’ and felt balanced throughout with a big smile on her face.

We always strive for harmony in body and mind in the horse but what about us, the riders?

If we don’t work our horses won’t work and that is actually the first step to realize that we riders have to work on our body and mind as well.

I believe that every rider can create a smooth, calm and functional seat. The sky is the limit and there are so many ways and tools (yoga, Pilates, dancing, martial arts etc.) to find balance and coordination in our body so that we do not disturb our horse’s beautiful movements.

It is such a fascinating journey to develop your own independent and balanced seat.

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