Lucano is physically well prepared to carry a rider now, so I have started to mount him.

The right and safer way is to have a helper from the ground but many of us are usually on their own. So am I, and when there is a moment, that a third hand is needed, it is not there, right?

My husband is helping when he is around but in this video you see how I do it when I am alone.

I do flex Lucano a bit more than what is usually needed to the side only for safety reasons.

He learned to follow the rein when picked up and he learned to relax and wait patiently for the next step.

In this position the chance of running away, rearing or bucking is limited.

Over time the mounting will be more a routine as he gets familiar and comfortable with the exercise itself but at the beginning it is better to stay safe than sorry because of rushing through.

However, I took the time to prepare Lucano first on the ground to get him physical strong and mentally relaxed.


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