Shoulder-in on a circle!

At the moment I am working Lucano in Shouder-fore/ Shoulder-in on a circle. Unexpectedly, it seems more challenging for us than thought. One big topic in my lessons with Anja Hass, licensed Bent Branderup Trainer was how light and manoeuvrable the shoulder is….at any time?

So, therefore, we introduced a neck rope to Lucano so I can focus more on the shoulder instead of pulling on the reins when he is not following my seat/leg aids. Especially to the left, I had the tendency to hold him on the inside rein and as a result, he started to twist his head (nose in, poll out), which is still a bit there.

Another win with the neck rope is that I must turn my own shoulders more inwards as I used to. Having the idea of turning him in from the outside, even though I go straight is so beneficial for us and adds quality to my exercises.

It is all work in progress but so much fun to explore new things.

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