Seat lessons

by Hanna Engström

Seat lessons by Hanna Engström

Most rider’s biggest dream and main goal in terms of riding is to become one with the horse.

Therefore, it is essential to train our body awareness in best case before we mount our horse. I am a certified Instructor of Hanna Engström’s special developed Seat program for riders. Hanna Engström is based in Gotland, Sweden, and is also a licensed Bent Branderup trainer for decades.

The Seat program consists of 6 modules, which I will shortly present to give you an idea.

Seat 1 (Finding your home seat)

It is about detoxing your body from ‘old habits’ (fear, lack of coordination, tension etc.), through practical lessons from the ground first. It is about finding better balance in your own ‘home seat’, which is a neutral position and the starting point for the following parts.

Seat 2 (Feeling the movements)

Seat 2 is about feeling the movements of yourself, listening into your and your horse’s body and what effect can your seat have to the horse. This is done through going through some varies of questions to tap into your body awareness/emotions and thoughts.

Seat 3 (Rein aids)

Seat 3 is about hand aids. You learn the meaning of the direct and indirect rein, how to handle two and/or four reins and how to get most comfortable with them.

Seat 4 (Leg aids)

Seat 4 is about leg aids, how to place your upper, lower leg and your hip position to be as precise and effective as possible when going into the “working seat”. This is necessary for Seat 5 & 6.

Seat 5 (Connection)

Seat 5 is about shaping the horse between your aids in and through the lateral movements.

Seat 6 (Collection)

Seat 6 is about collection in your seat.

Contact and further information

If you are interested to explore your seat with your own horse or a school horse at my place, please do not hesitate to contact me for further details sending a message.

You can find more information about Hanna and her services at:

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