Keeping the flow!

Lately, I have been working Lucano in a bit higher head position than I used to do.

Usually, I am always on the safer side not asking for too much too soon but now since the basics are solid and always available like a stretch forward down, I can move on.

One of the topics I am working on is to keep a nice flow, rhythm and shape when going from one exercise into the other such as a relaxed forward-down into a haunches-in or shoulder-in.

Lucano was able to do it, but we lost the tempo, and he went rather slow with short steps and going at times over my hand.

Now, we managed to keep a nice flow and suppleness in everything I do. I can minimalistic address my wishes with my seat while he stays very soft on the reins.

I ride him in a simple side pull with the reins clipped underneath his chin. This solution works very well now in all gaits so there is no need for me to change it and besides that, it challenges me even more to work with my seat.

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