Work in hand 2020

A next big chapter in Lucano’s education is the Pillar Work in hand, which forms the bridge and prepares the horse to the Riding.

In Work in hand he is learning the meaning of an inside/outside and a direct/indirect rein aid. The reason why I have waited so long is because he was mentally and physically not ready for it.

Mentally: He was busy biting into the reins, feeling annoyed by them next to his mouth not concentrating on the actual task.

Physically: He was not balanced enough in his body, leaning against the reins not maintaining a healthy rounder posture by himself.

Due to the big amount of Liberty and Longeing beforehand it is much easier for him now to offer me a proper shape by curling around me, thinking to the inside and finding the center of mass with his inside hind leg.Then the reins can become a fine instrument finding better quality along the way and not to push/pull or to control the horse.

In Work in hand but also in Riding we want our horse to yield to the inside ‘direct’ rein, when I close my fingers and to search towards the outside ‚direct‘ rein, when I open my fingers.

This process is not fully established and consistent yet but he is doing very well considering that we are just at the very beginning of Work in hand. (It was the 4th or 5th try).

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