New Chapter

With the new year a new chapter has started!

It has been a wonderful journey to learn and grow with Straightness Training over the last 10 years, which I am very grateful for.

The ST Academy developed immensely over the last years into an extraordinary online academy and is helping many horses and riders around the world, which is fantastic.

My passion however lays in direct and ‘live’ teaching, where I can feel, sense and listen to the rider/horse combo and to be of help in an instant. I love the little chats, the laughs, the tears, the discussions, the helping, the sharing, the figuring-out and another very important detail for me: getting to know the human.

Over the years nice friendships have built up, which I really appreciate and yes I do online teaching as well and I take lessons/seminars myself via online, but I must admit doing things live is just different.

I look very much forward to being there for my students, to grow with them and to welcome all who want to get to know me.

Can you recognize Lucano and me in the Logo?

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miriam sherman coach fuer pferd und reiter news 01 2022
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