Choco’s acclimatization Part I

It has already been one week since Chocolate’s arrival. Amazing how fast time is running. It was and is still very interesting to observe the horse’s behavior.

Misfit (chestnut) the oldest and leader have shown clear threatening signs when we put Choco in the Paddock next to them. Pinning ears, lowering the head and neck, and starting to attack. Good thing the fence was there.

Furthermore, he did not allow Lucano to go close the fence. He was going always in between and was driving him away and around making sure he does not get too close to the new one.

Lucano (brown) was very interested in the new horse and wanted to meet and greet him. However, he managed only a few seconds bevor Misfit drove him away again.

Choco seemed also very interested and wanted to meet and greet but when he noticed Misfits threatening signs, he became tall, made a posture, and turned his butt towards the fence to show that he can defend himself if needed.

This lasted around 2 days before Misfit decided to go into the cooler stable to find shade. He was not bothered anymore if the young ones meet at the fence.

Lucano and Choco started to hang out next to each other dozing.

For lunch, I put handfuls of hay on the ground close to each other so they can eat together. At night Choco goes out in the field next to them. They all get more comfortable day by day and Choco is calling them less if they disappear in the stable out of his sight.

Besides that, there are more horses around the neighbourhood, so it’s never boring for him. He seems in general a very relaxed horse with a lovely character.

We put some chairs next to the paddock to observe the horses. My kids and I were talking about all kinds of things and suddenly Choco walked next to us and laid down to rest a bit. He has done that on the second day with me alone too.

I am very happy to see him trusting his new humans and home already.

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